About us

When we purchased our property in the goldfields of Central Victoria in May 2012, we had a dream to live the good life. To have a place where we could  grow our own food, tend to animals and enjoy our land in the changing seasons.

Mother nature however, can be a tough task master for idealistic city folk and she had quite a long 'to do' list waiting for us.  So perhaps it hasn't been quite as relaxing as we at first imagined, but it has been fun and an amazing non-stop learning experience... one which has enriched our family's life in so many ways.


The seasons roll on and we experience successes and failures but the dream is still the same. Regenerate our farm land, grow our food organically, keep some animals, preserve our harvest and engage with our local community.  The life we want is fulfilling and satisfying. We are going there. Do you want the life we want? - Rick and Sam